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Benny Benassi

The dirty and cool, sweaty and smooth electro sound of DJ/producer Benny Benassi scored worldwide success with "Satisfaction" in 2002. With his cousin, the producer and musician Alle Benassi, things just got better and better. The album ìHypnoticaî, the side project ìBenassi Brosî and the album ìRock n Raveî and a series of remixes including, in 2009, tracks for Flo Rida, Madonna, Shakira, Kid Cudi and many others. Benny has won tons of prizes and awards around the world and continues to tour the five continents with his unique style. In 2008 Benny and Alle won a Grammy Award for the remix of Public Enemy's ìBring The Noise.î His new single, featuring Kelis, App and Jean Baptiste, produced by Basic Studio, Benny and Alle's new company, is due for release on Ultra Records worldwide, soon to be followed by an album.

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