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Tim Alejandro aka DJ Turbulence

DJ Turbulence

DJ Turbulence’s talents garnered attention from many groups wanting to enlist his expertise. He is currently part of SKAM Artist Management, Crowd Control DJs, Battlestar and The Tom Cruisaders. He was also an instructor at Los Angeles’s Scratch Academy (founded by the late great Jam Master Jay of Run DMC) and developed the Scratch 202 course. He also appeared on numerous radio shows and music videos. This diverse representation and impressive accomplishments created a worldwide demand for his exemplary technique and unique combination of style, flair, plasticity and versatility in his craft.

Despite the stellar track record, DJ Turbulence keeps his feet on the ground and his praises up high; he remains humble and ascribes his talents as a gift from God, and the support and happiness from his fans, friends and family reminds him of how hard he has worked to be such a success. He continues to push hard and challenge himself in new ways. “I never want to be satisfied; the day I’m satisfied is the day I fail. I will always push to the next level.”

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