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Drai's Nightclub

Drai's Nightclub

The design of Drai's Nightclub is on a scale entirely new, with provocative interiors of deep purples and golds, wall to wall LED screens, Visual FX artfully placed and designed around the centerpiece in a radial pattern, emanating rays of light throughout the room.

With a 360 degree rooftop atmosphere, the club and it's 4,500 guests will take center stage awed by the design, the technology, the music, and service.

Drai's Beach Club Nightclub will truly be a unique escape from any ordinary nightlife experience.

Upcoming Events

Date Event
Thursday, Oct. 25 Halloween Weekend: DJ Esco
Friday, Oct. 26 Halloween Weekend: Pauly D
Saturday, Oct. 27 Halloween Weekend: Lil Wayne
Sunday, Oct. 28 Halloween Weekend: Fabolous
Tuesday, Oct. 30 Wiz Khalifa
Date Event

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