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Go Pool at Flamingo

Go Pool at Flamingo

Surrounded by beautiful 15 acre tropical retreat, the stunning pools at The Flamingo interconnect through the lagoons and around a magnificent cascading waterfall and seasonal waterslide. Enjoy sunbathing or a leisurely swim in crystal clear waters. Lifeguards are on duty each day, and a complete staff of pool attendants is available to provide complimentary towels and lounge chairs based on a first come first serve basis.

There are 38 luxurious daybed/cabanas available on a daily basis with personalized service awaiting you. The Go Pool provides an exclusive Las Vegas pool experience. It is the ultimate in pool side pampering and contemporary ambiance complete with ultra VIP service. The DJ sets a lively mood while you relax and enjoy your sunbathing. Towering palms provide a cool retreat for the hot Vegas sun. Additionally, Cabanas provide a luxurious, more private option. While, poolside chaise lounges put our guests right in the action. An exceptional menu of food and cocktails is offered throughout the pool. We give you the option of choosing one of our unique hand-crafted pre mixed cocktails such as mojitos, margaritas or lemonade, served in a special pitcher guaranteed to keep your beverages cool all day long.

Upcoming Events

Date Event
Wednesday, June 28 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, June 29 Rock Thursdays
Friday, June 30 GO Fridays
Saturday, July 01 Daybeats featuring Eric Forbes RSVP
Sunday, July 02 GO Sundays
Monday, July 03 GO Mondays
Tuesday, July 04 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, July 05 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, July 06 Rock Thursdays
Friday, July 07 GO Fridays
Saturday, July 08 Daybeats featuring Eric Forbes RSVP
Sunday, July 09 GO Sundays
Monday, July 10 GO Mondays
Tuesday, July 11 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, July 12 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, July 13 Rock Thursdays
Friday, July 14 GO Fridays
Saturday, July 15 Daybeats featuring Eric Forbes RSVP
Sunday, July 16 GO Sundays
Monday, July 17 GO Mondays
Tuesday, July 18 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, July 19 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, July 20 Rock Thursdays
Friday, July 21 GO Fridays
Saturday, July 22 Daybeats featuring DJs From Mars RSVP
Sunday, July 23 GO Sundays
Monday, July 24 GO Mondays
Tuesday, July 25 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, July 26 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, July 27 Rock Thursdays
Friday, July 28 GO Fridays
Saturday, July 29 Daybeats featuring Yazz from Empire Hosts RSVP
Sunday, July 30 GO Sundays
Monday, July 31 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Aug. 01 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Aug. 02 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Aug. 03 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Aug. 04 GO Fridays
Sunday, Aug. 06 GO Sundays
Monday, Aug. 07 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Aug. 08 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Aug. 09 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Aug. 10 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Aug. 11 GO Fridays
Sunday, Aug. 13 GO Sundays
Monday, Aug. 14 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Aug. 15 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Aug. 16 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Aug. 17 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Aug. 18 GO Fridays
Sunday, Aug. 20 GO Sundays
Monday, Aug. 21 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Aug. 22 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Aug. 23 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Aug. 24 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Aug. 25 GO Fridays
Sunday, Aug. 27 GO Sundays
Monday, Aug. 28 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Aug. 29 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Aug. 30 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Aug. 31 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Sept. 01 GO Fridays
Sunday, Sept. 03 GO Sundays
Monday, Sept. 04 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Sept. 05 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Sept. 06 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Sept. 07 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Sept. 08 GO Fridays
Sunday, Sept. 10 GO Sundays
Monday, Sept. 11 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Sept. 12 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Sept. 13 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Sept. 14 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Sept. 15 GO Fridays
Sunday, Sept. 17 GO Sundays
Monday, Sept. 18 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Sept. 19 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Sept. 20 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Sept. 21 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Sept. 22 GO Fridays
Sunday, Sept. 24 GO Sundays
Monday, Sept. 25 GO Mondays
Tuesday, Sept. 26 GO Tuesdays
Wednesday, Sept. 27 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Thursday, Sept. 28 Rock Thursdays
Friday, Sept. 29 GO Fridays
Wednesday, Oct. 04 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Wednesday, Oct. 11 Swimdustry Wednesdays
Date Event

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